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Pharmacy Service

Aalok Healthcare ltd offers pharmacy service which is available in 24 hours.

Aalok Healthcare ltd Pharmacy Department has placed a leading role in implementing advanced clinical pharmacist patient care services in Aalok Hospital where pharmacists work collaboratively with nurses and physicians directly on patient care areas to review medication orders and manage drug therapy.

The Pharmacy Department of Aalok Healthcare ltd provides a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical services to all patients. Its objective is to provide patient-focused pharmaceutical care in order to achieve definite outcomes that improve patients’ quality of life. The pharmacy department consists of a team of qualified, pharmacist. Pharmacy is always open for the benefit of patient. Pharmacy run by software , all kinds of services from pharmacy distributed by computerized system.

  • All Kinds of Local & Foreign Medicines are Available
  • 100% Pure Medicines
  • Reasonable Price
  • Sales Distribution by Computer
  • 24 Hours Open