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COVID-19 Test has been started at Aalok Healthcare Ltd From 08-07-20

About Aalok

Welcome to Aalok Healthcare Ltd. We offer Diagnostic service, 24 Hour Hospital Service & Specialist doctors Consultation. We provide the highest quality service from the moment we pick up the phone to schedule and appointment until we deliver the final diagnostic reports. Our staff is culturally diverse, highly experienced and professionally managed. At Aalok, we are dedicated to assisting patients to cope up with the complexities of modern investigations. We are committed to partnering with our physicians to provide quality, compassionate, efficient diagnostic services to the communities we serve.

With patient convenience in mind, we offer an expansive menu of laboratory testing services that includes both routine and highly complex assays. We have full-service imaging center that provides one location necessary for all diagnostic exams. Our commitment to maintained the highest standards of customer service to makes Aalok a respected choice for quality imaging and clinical diagnostic.

At Aalok, we are proud of our investigation reports, modernized equipments, carefully selected man and materials. Aalok is located in the strategic area of Mirpur, the center can be reached easily from almost anywhere in Bangladesh.


To provide excellence service in the field of health sector, with maintain challenging quality services & investigations to the patients offering comfort and patient-friendly environment.


To establish a remarkable healthcare center for the people in health sector.

Aalok Healthcare Architechture

Aalok Mirpur - 10

Location : House- 1 & 3 , Road-2, Block-B, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216
Ground Floor : Help Desk, Pharmacy, Report Delevery, Cash Counter, Canteen , Sample Collection Room
1st Floor : Cash Counter, X-ray Room, ECG Room, Spirometry Room, BMD Room, Sample Collection
2 Floor : Cash Counter, Ultrasound Room
3rd Floor : Laboratory
4th Floor : Endoscopy Room, Doctors Chembar
5th Floor : Echo Room, Doctors Chembar
6th Floor : Prayer Room

Aalok Hospital Ltd

Location : House- 1 & 3 , Road-2, Block-B, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216
1st Floor : Doctors chembar , Physiotherapy Center
2 Floor : OT, Post OT Word, Surgeon's Room
3rd Floor : General Word
4rd Floor : Cabin
5th Floor : Marketing Section, Conferance Room, EEG Room, Canteen

Aalok Mirpur - 1

Location : Mirpur 1
1st Floor : Reception, Cash Counter, ECG, X-ray Room, USG Room, Sample Collection, Doctors Chambar
2 Floor : Report Delevery,Laboratory, Doctors Chambar

Aalok - Pallabi

Location : Pallabi
1st Floor : Reception, Cash Counter, ECG, X-ray, USG, Spirometry, Sample Collection, Doctors Chambar
2 Floor : Report Delevery, Laboratory, Echo, Doctors Chambar

Aalok - Kochukhet

Location : Kochukhet
4th Floor : Reception, USG, Sample Collection, ECG Room, Doctor's Chamabar
5th Floor : X-Ray, Echo, Report Delevery, Cash Counter, Doctor's Chamabar

Aalok Tangail- Ghatail

Location : Ghatail (Tangail)
Ground Floor : Reception, Cash Counter, Sample Collection, X-ray Room
1 Floor : ...... Room
2 Floor : Laboratory