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Discharge Protocol

Aalok Hospital offers some discharge protocol for patients.

Discharge Formality

  • Physician will determine when a patient is well enough to leave the hospital. He will notify this in “Patient’s Medical Record (File)” and write the discharge order.
  • We are committed to ensure discharge arrangements are completed within two hours after the doctor has visited you and given clearance for you to be discharged. You are advised to plan your departure accordingly.
  • Your nurse will inform you when the discharge process is completed and your bill has been prepared. Ward incharge/Nurse will inform the patient/patient’s attendant when the final bill is ready and the patient attendant will go to the Hospital Billing Counter (located in Ground Floor) to settle the bill.
  • Billing Counter will provide copies of final bill and settlement money receipt, of which one copy has to be submitted to the Ward incharge/Nurse who will then give you Discharge certificate and Investigation Reports.
  • Please have your personal belongings (including items in safekeeping) ready to go and advise the person taking you home to bring the car from the parking lot to the front entrance of the outside lobby.
  • In case you require wheel chair/stretcher, ambulance service, please inform the Ward incharge for the same. Please vacate the room at the earliest convenience for allowing other patients in need to avail the required facilities.

Discharge Variants

Aalok hospital Allows Three Types of discharge protocol

  • Usual Discharge : Usual Discharge follows the rules of hospital. When the treatment is over and all the treatment cost are paid then patients will able to get the usual discharge.
  • Discharge On Request (DOR) : Discharge on request activate when the patients request for discharge. When all the treatment cost are paid then patients will able to get the Discharge On Request.
  • Discharge On Risk Bond (DORB) : When the patient is not fully fit but he wants the discharge from hospital then Discharge on Request Bond will activate. But the patient need to give a written request letter for discharge.


  • Check-out time is 12.00 noon (grace time at admission is 3 hours and at discharge is 1 hour).
  • If the patient discharges after 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm then some consideration may apply.
  • If the patient discharges after 6:00 pm, full-day bed charge will be applicable